The pioneering Divas' Dream ultra-thin minute repeater watch uses a low-key and humble on-demand timekeeping mechanism. The timekeeping start device is a pendant hanging on the edge of the bezel. It will be issued after the  wearer's wrist movements. Crisp and clear time signal. This jewelry timepiece elegantly condenses the flowing time in the square between the wrists. It is unique and is the epitome of Bulgari's centuries-old adherence to pure craftsmanship.

From a technical point of view, the screws in the movement are nothing more than polished and roasted blue. As everyone knows about polishing, roasted blue is our common blue steel screw process. Blue steel screws do not mean to apply a layer of blue substance on the surface of the steel, but heat the steel at high temperature to oxidize the steel in the air to form an oxide layer on the surface, which needs to be heated to between 270°-290°. Too high and too low will not be blue, choose this temperature, of course, there will be some application considerations, mainly to harden the screw again.

In the world of men, watches are indispensable. Cartier blue balloon series watches are as light as balloons, and as blue as their guardian sapphires, adding elegance to the cuffs and wrists of men. Convex curved case, silver-plated pearl guilloché dial with classic Roman scale, sword-shaped hands, Cartier logo engraved at twelve o'clock, the appearance of this watch is stable and restrained. The precious metal arc protects the winding crown set with a cabochon, and the Roman numeral hour markers deviate from the track under the guidance of the crown. Stainless steel buckle with hint buckle, the length can be adjusted by yourself, easy to wear and comfortable... In the world of Cartier watchmaking, BallonBleudeCartier Cartier blue balloon watch is known for its delicate style and elegant style.

Fifty years ago, mankind stepped on the surface of the moon for the first time. This great initiative not only rewritten history, but also brought more possibilities for human exploration of space. In order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of this major historical event, OMEGA has launched a new Speedmaster series 'Apollo 11' 50th Anniversary Limited Edition watch, to the legendary Apollo 11 moon landing and execution Tribute to astronauts on look here this mission.

Summary: If you don’t like the swagger of precious metals or the thick lines of stainless steel, then ceramic watches will surely capture your heart. In fact, from the perspective of 'taking appearance from appearance', ceramic has its  absolute advantages, generous, luxurious, and has a unique posture. Abandoning too vulgar or extreme in life, ceramics is like a most understanding partner, bringing you into a noble aura. (Photo/text buywatches Zoe)

Master: Haha, go to my house and ask these questions. As for why I say so much, this question, actually, when I was a teacher, a master was very kind to me and taught everything, including the truth of being a human being. The sentence he often said. It's [ashamed to ask]. But how many people can do it? How many people can share knowledge? My motivation is to teach my master, don't lose it. There are fewer and fewer traditional pawn shops. It can be said that it is almost gone.

FIFTYSIX Wu Luzhi series rooted prototype design, and a new interpretation of it. The use of an embedded crown echoes the more classic features of the 1956 watch.

Jaeger?LeCoultre design, production and assembly of each watch are completed in Jaeger?LeCoultre Jaeger?LeCoultre in the Swiss Jura mountain workshop. The Jaeger-LeCoultre Grand Workshop brings together 180 professional skills, 1,250 movements and 400 patents. The serene and tranquil Jura Mountains have given generations of watchmakers clear ideas, and constantly put forward the ingenious concept of ‘dare to be the first in the world’, while focusing on precise timing, exquisite details, first-class craftsmanship and charming beauty.

The U.S. Airborne Forces are the most experienced and frequently dispatched units of the U.S. National Armed Forces. The U.S. Airborne Paratroopers must perform their missions in the harshest environment behind the enemy forces, and therefore require the most waterproof and shockproof performance and the most reliable equipment support. Ball Watch Company specially engraved the logo of the US Air Force Rescue Force on the bottom cover of this new watch model to pay tribute to the unit. This special airborne force in the US military is mainly responsible for rescue work and providing medical needs to soldiers fighting on the ground. The table also bears the famous motto of  the US Air Force Rescue Force 'That others may live'.

Longines and sports have always had an indissoluble bond. Tennis and watches are pursuing refinement, excellence and precision. In constant innovation and improvement, Longines is constantly showing new masterpieces, bringing more surprises to the world.

The FENDI exhibition area presents inlaid fur craft panels inspired by graffiti artwork drawn by American city artist Lin Zinan, a blue-grey canvas Peekaboo handbag custom-designed by well-known American artist Liang Yuanwei, and the Italian handicraft workshop Fondazione Lisio. A special Baguette handbag inspired by the glorious Forbidden City.

Both men's and women's watches have a large sterling silver surface, engraved with guilloché guilloché patterns, Breguet-style Losange blue steel hands, all built and polished by hand; a beveled date window at 6 o'clock, and classic coins The decorative case echoes the onion-shaped crown. The Kairos series men's case has a diameter of 38 mm, while the Kairos Lady watch has a diameter of 30 mm.